AfterSchool Clubs


Club Facilitator: Mr. Donovan

Intramuralsis open to fourth-graders who handed in the required permission slip.We meet on Monday's and Thursday's at 3:35PM in the Gym.

Intramurals consists of different team sports played at a competitive level. Intramurals will be split into three sections of soccer, floor hockey,and volleyball.


Computer Club                        

Club Facilitator: Mr. Donovan


Art Club                                 

Club Facilitator: Mr. Reynolds


Newspaper Club                   

Club Facilitator: Mrs. Brunkard                               


Music Club                          

Club Facilitator: Mrs. Paradine

In September, 4th graders are allowed to join this club.


Safety Patrol                       

Club Facilitator: Robin Clampett

These responsible students are recommended for safety patrol and help guide students through the halls on the way to class in the beginning of the day as well as the end of the day.