Grade 2

Math World
Math Magician -You get to choose the rule to use and add as fast as you can!
Number Line -Add numbers by seeing how they "bounce" on a number line.
Sum Sense -This is a STOP THE CLOCK game! Arrange the numbers to make the addition sentence true.
Addition Grid-Drag the number to the chart to show all the ways to make that sum.
Ten Frame -Use a ten frame to add numbers, subtract, and compare numbers.
Math Lines (make a ten) -Shoot the ball at a number that makes a ten.
Save the Whale (make a ten) -Can you save the whale? You'll need to find all the ways to make 10.
Adding 9 -To add 9, add 10 first then subtract easy!
Adding Ten -Add 10 to the number shown and fire at the submarine!
Doubles -Choose the correct number that doubles the one shown.
Dart Board Doubles -Can you aim for the right doubles fact?
Number Balance -Add clips to the balance on each side. You must make each side equal the same in order to balance the scale.
Compare groups of coins.
Coin Value Game
Counting Money
Spending Spree -Put the correct amount in the box and earn fish for your fish bowl!
Pocket Change -Make the amount shown using the specified number of coins.
What TIME is it?!
Choose the time the clock shows. 
Read a calendar 
STOP THE CLOCK! (to the half hour) -Drag the times on the digital clocks to the analog clocks.
Analog Clock -Use this website to help you learn how to read a clock and tell time!
STOP THE CLOCK! (15 minute intervals) -Drag the digital clocks to the matching analog clocks.
STOP THE CLOCK! (5 minute intervals) -Drag the digital clocks to the matching analog clocks.
Telling Time -Help Marvin Tell Time!
Reading Games
What IS main idea??? -An animated movie about main idea in paragraphs, stories and nonfiction.
What's the BIG Idea? (game) -A fun game that asks you to fine the main idea of a paragraph. Then you get to solve a riddle!
What's the BIG Idea? (game 2) -Just like the game above but with different paragraphs!
Slam Dunk Nouns -If you choose correctly you make a basket and rack up points!
Nouns (mini quiz) -Test your knowledge...which word is the noun?

Verb Viper -Help the viper eat the correct word (is or are) to match the nouns. Complete levels and advance stages!

Pronoun Clubhouse -Build the clubhouse of your choice by typing the correct pronoun to take place of the nouns.
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